Building smarter means using green and recycled materials whenever possible.

CDHT Spas takes pride in using 100% recycled ABS to fabricate our Dura Floors on all of our spas. We also recycle 100% of our wood, plastic and cardboard waste. See for yourself what this commitment to excellence looks like. Contact your CDHTSpas dealer and get started on finding your own personal relaxation destination.

Our adjustable jets put you in control.

Interchangeable. Adjustable. Beautiful.

Soaking in a CDHT Spa is truly the perfect therapy for your body. As carefully designed jets do their work, millions of air bubbles are injected into the warm water flow to caress your entire body. CDHT Spas engineers all of our spas to be hydraulically balanced. This provides you control of water volume and air flow for every jet from 0 – 100%. With this ability to control volume and pressure, combined with ergonomic seating, you can create the jet massage that is right for you.