Canada Direct Hot Tubs has been serving Milton since 2008, offering nothing but the finest of products and services. As an authorized retailer of Clearwater Spas, Birchbay Spas, and CDHT  Hot Tubs, we are one of the only retails in Ontario to offer such a product line. We strive to ensure that you are taken care of from the moment that you walk into our store. 

Clearwater Spas takes pride in using 100% recycled ABS to fabricate our Dura Floors on all of our spas. We also recycle 100% of our wood, plastic and cardboard waste. See for yourself what this commitment to excellence looks like. Clearwater Spas was the first company to produce an ecologically sound product, and all of our spas are produced without fiberglass resin and other destructive agents. Our EcoSpray™ was developed specifically to provide a solution to the styrene problem in the spa and bath industry and does not emit any volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.’s) into the air.

Birch Bay Hot Tubs™ have jets that focus water flow to specific trigger point areas on the body to jets that swirl in a pattern that emulates a 'kneading massage motion' ˜ you will be sure to relieve every ache and pain. Our ergonomic seating configurations are designed to maximize jet positions to cover the body from the neck and shoulders all the way down to the bottoms of your feet. You will be happy to know that our massage jets have you covered from top to bottom.

CDHT spas is committed to superior craftsmanship and using the latest innovations to maximize your hot tub experience and minimize your maintenance needs. Our models feature an ergonomically enhanced design; a range of jets and controls engineered for optimal hydrotherapy; multi-coloured LED lights for chromatherapy; a proprietary insulation and filtration system to reduce maintenance needs and operating costs; and they're built with materials that will last a lifetime.

Our selection of Hot Tubs, Gazebos, and Accessories are carefully selected, to ensure that you spend your money well and purchase quality over quantity.

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