pearl island, psd tp800 hr
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Clearwater Pearl Island

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Clearwater Spas
Pearl Island

66-jet, 5+ person hot tub with multi-colored LED mood lighting, lighted cascading waterfalls and a beautiful water fan feature

92.5″ x 92.5″ x 38″


The Pearl Island has been redesigned to give you more comfort, room and luxury. This model features more shoulder room in the lounge, two full captain chairs with leg jets, mult-level steps / cool-down seats, water features, digital lighting and an optional removable bistro table! 2014 Models come with new digital key pad that allow you to operate your hot tub from an app on your phone. Set your temperature, filter cycles, control your pumps, lights and all features of your hot tub from anywhere in the world. With 4 saveable settings. with the touch of a button you can arrive home to the perfect spa settings of your desire.This model includes pop-up led speakers and bult in sub-woofer, I-pod or Bluetooth stereo system.

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