1Kg Clearwater Multi-Function Tablets

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  • Slowly releases chemicals
  • Contain chlorine to sanitise pool
  • Contains algaecide & clarifier
  • 5 x 200g individually wrapped tabs
  • For use with pools 15ft +
  • For use with a 6.5 Inch Chemical Floater
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Product Description

Clearwater 1KG Multifunction Tablets are an incredibly simple way to maintain clear and hygienic pool water in pools 15ft and larger. The water treatment tablets should be used with a Bestway 6.5 Inch Chemical Floater, which slowly releases them into a pool to keep it consistently clean.

As well as containing chlorine, which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms by disinfecting water, the tablets also contain an algaecide solution and water clarifier that contains flocculants, which bind particles together so that a pool filter can trap them with ease, producing a clean and healthy swimming environment.

Warning: As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully read and followed.

  • Slowly releases chemicals to produce clean and healthy water
  • Contain chlorine to sanitise pool and kill bacteria
  • Contain algaecide to eliminate algae & clarifier to keep pool clear
  • Includes 5 x 200g individually wrapped tablets
  • For use with pools over 15ft or more